The THCB Gang: Episode 5

Episode 5 of “The THCB Gang” is going to be live-streamed Thursday, April 15 at 1pm PT- 4pm ET! 4-6 semi-regular guests drawn from THCB authors and other assorted old friends of mine will shoot the sh*t about health care business, politics, practice, and tech. It tries to be fun but serious and informative! If you miss it, it will also be preserved as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels.

This week, joining me are Deven McGraw (@healthprivacy), Kim Bellard (@kimbbellard), Grace Cordovano (@gracecordovano), Michael Millenson (@MLMillenson), and Dave Debronkhart (@ePatientDave). It will hopefully be a great discussion around how COVID-19 is changing the entire landscape of health care; from policy to practice — Matthew Holt

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