Metformin Weight Loss

Metformin Weight Loss

Metformin Weight Loss

Metformin has active ingredient which are isolated and identified.

This compound belongs to a group of drugs called the biguanides. Metformin consists of two linked guanidine rings.

Even though it has been used to treat diabetes for more than 3 decades the exact mechanisms of action remain more or less a mystery and it is only recently that the scientists have been able to diagnose the same.

Metformin Weight Loss

Metformin weight loss has a number of different effects on glucose metabolism. As a result of this there is improved insulin sensitivity in tissues like muscles and liver.

Advantages of Metformin also include decrease in gluconeogenesis or the synthesis of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources by the liver. The overall effect of Metformin Weight Loss helps to decrease glucose levels.

But since Metformin is a euglycaemic agent, blood glucose levels don’t fall below normal and hence Hypoglycaemic episodes do not occur.

It also has various benefits on lipid metabolism and hence the lowering of circulating fatty acids occurs.

It also helps to reduce VLDL which is also involved in causing cardiovascular disease like circulation of fatty acids.

There are various reasons for being overweight one of them is insulin. This form of fat is stored primarily in your belly. As the person eats, the blood sugar level rises. The more the level rises, the more insulin is released in the pancreas.

Insulin can make you fat by acting on the brain to stimulate signs of hunger. This leads to the liver manufacturing fat and the fat cells in the belly to fill with fat.

The best way to treat this form of obesity is to avoid foods that cause the highest rise in blood sugar. Taking medications that prevent rise of blood sugar levels from is also suggested.

All forms of bakery products, pastas, and foods made from flour, fruit juices and products with added sugar should be avoided.

Fruits and root vegetables such as potatoes should be consumed only with meals. The sugar eaten by the body comes to intestines through the bloodstream, and into the liver.

Metformin contains glucophage which reduces sugar release from the liver to reach the blood sugar levels and raise them too high. Hence the body doesn’t need to produce as much insulin that makes you hungry.

Hence the liver does not convert sugar to fat. There are various other benefits of Metformin apart from curing diabetes and it is losing weight. But Metformin is not effective when blood is acidic due to excess lactic acid.

There are various researches which show that exercises raises lactic acid but does not cause blood acid levels high enough to reduce benefits of Glucophage.

Metformin weight loss helps in lowering insulin levels which are very helpful in curing diabetes. Metformin is also an effective treatment for different kinds of diabetes.

Since it acts at the source of the problem it helps to fight insulin resistance and also prevents and delays the onset of type 2 diabetes which leads to impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.

It also helps to reduce risk of diabetes-related death, heart attacks and strokes various other diseases.


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