Health Supplements The Nighttime Routine I Swear By For My Best Sleep Ever

Health Supplements The Nighttime Routine I Swear By For My Best Sleep Ever

Health Supplements

I’m a huge stickler for adhering to a sleep routine, because sleep is such an important pillar of well-being. After finally finding a solution to my 20-year sleep struggle, I’m very aware that a solid night of rest has the single biggest impact on how I feel the next day. 

Like many of you, my daily schedule looks a little different right now in the midst of our public health crisis. But during this time, getting a good night’s sleep is especially critical to ensure I keep my baseline well-being in check.

With two young children at home, my sleep patterns can go up and down (I’m sure all moms can relate). That said, I do everything I can to keep the routines constant for the whole family so that we can fall asleep fast and stay asleep. 

Here’s exactly what I do nightly to ensure I get my best sleep possible—including the one supplement that’s helped me rest well every night, no matter what:*

My husband—plus co-founder and co-CEO—Jason and I intermittent fast every night. We generally start dinner early, around 6:15 p.m., since we have two young daughters (one 3-year-old and one 10-month-old).

After dinner, we put our two daughters to bed, then catch up on work over email before starting our own bedtime routine.

Health Supplements
I take magnesium+ supplements.


The deep and restorative sleep you’ve always dreamt about*

Health Supplements magnesium+

I take two capsules of mbg’s magnesium+ every night—at least one hour before I ideally want to fall asleep—to ensure I get my deepest sleep.* 

One thing I find very helpful about the magnesium+ blend is that it includes both jujube extract, which supports healthy cortisol levels, and pharmaGABA, a major neurotransmitter that helps calm the mind, which helps me relax.*

While I primarily take the magnesium to help me get to sleep, I also appreciate that the ingredients in magnesium+ support my body, from brain to bone health.*

Health Supplements
I create a soothing environment.

Before I get into bed, I love to spray a soothing room spray on our linens. The fragrance makes the bedroom smell wonderful, and it’s a pleasant part of my nighttime ritual.

As far as room temperature goes, even in a New York winter, Jason and I keep our fan on high and the temperature at 67 degrees, which is thought to be an optimal temperature for sleep.

We also have black-out shades in our room, which are super important to keep the Brooklyn streetlights out of our bedroom.

Health Supplements
I step away from my phone.

It’s really important for me to keep my phone in another room so that I’m not tempted to use it, check email, or read the news. I know myself, and I won’t have enough self-control to refrain from peeking at my phone if I leave it in my bedroom. 

While I follow an “electronic shutdown” routine with my phone, I don’t apply that same rule to television. We watch a program every night and I’ve found it a great way to relax and de-stress in bed. 

If I’m not feeling rested enough for bed after watching TV, I’ll take another capsule of magnesium+ to help put me to sleep. 

While sleep may feel harder to come by during these stressful times, I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to get some rest. After struggling with it for so long, establishing good sleep hygiene been a priority in my own life. I hope that this routine can help you get more peaceful sleep, too.

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