Dear Testosterone – You’re the masculine hormone that makes me!


Dear Testosterone. You’re the masculine hormone that makes me a person. I didn’t have a very remarkable relationship with you until I hit pubescence. At that point we turned out to be old buddies – kid did we! You developed my voice and gave me greater muscles. My bones got thicker and, hell, you even expanded my penis size.

Thanks for that, Testosterone, since you helped me get irregular erections and made me a stud in the bedroom.

So what befell you, old buddy, Mr. Testosterone? You were once so plentiful that I could depend on getting wood. Presently that I’m more than 40 I don’t consider you to be a lot. My sex drive ain’t terminating on all-chambers and my muscles aren’t so huge anymore!

Meet Mr. Low T

Testosterone, we had such an incredible relationship until I was around 40. In any case, at that point you didn’t come around very as regularly. Furthermore, another buddy made his associate with me. This fella is somewhat of a killjoy, dear testosterone. He calls himself Low T and he accompanied this baggage:

    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Low Sex Drive
    • Loss of Muscles
    • Bones
    • Depression
    • Smaller Testicles
    • Larger Breasts

I truly don’t care for Mr. Low T, my old buddy Testosterone, since he influences my life quality in manners I don’t appreciate. I heard gossip that he normally shows up when Absolute Testosterone goes underneath 270ng/dL (9-38nmol/L). Is that valid? Each man is unique, however I have to know. For what reason did you do this to me?

Why Mr. Low T Keeps Visiting

If I’m going to be absolutely legitimate, dear Testosterone, Mr. Low T is making life hopeless. I feel less complete and I don’t have as much vitality as when you and I had a more grounded relationship. I surmise I need to acknowledge that I’m incompletely to fault here. I read up and discovered that while Mr. Low T may begin flying by as I get more established, he may come all the more regularly with:

      • Obesity
      • Diabetes type 2
      • Exposure to Phtalates and Sex Twisting Chemicals
      • Ongoing presentation to WiFi Radiation

You know, I was truly in stun when I heard that a few propensities I never at any point contemplated influenced my relationship with you, dear Testosterone. Yet, presently I know – I must get it together a tad if I’m going to give Mr. Low T the butt-kicking he deserves.

I guarantee I’ll do it – on the grounds that Testosterone makes me a man!

I Guarantee to Live By These Testosterone-Accommodating Habits!

So here’s the arrangement, dear Testosterone. I perceive there are a few things that influence my relationship with you outside my ability to control. I talked with my primary care physician about some of them, as acquired sicknesses or issues with my testicles.

But I additionally realize that I can do a great deal of things to remain great with you, and keep that butt-revolting Mr. Low T at a sensible separation. I guarantee to:

Exercise – I’ve heard this so often it’s not clever. However, it’s actual – my levels go up when I hit free loads, and I remain fit as a fiddle as well. Additionally, I look hot, so ladies will burrow me.

Cook with Fired Non-Stick Cookware – Indeed, I was astounded to get familiar with those modest teflon non-stick dish are high in endocrine-upsetting synthetic concoctions (EDCs) yet I’ve taken in my exercise. Pay somewhat more for earthenware cookware and we’re on better terms.

Don’t Eat From Cans – I guarantee to eat new food where conceivable and abstain from eating out of those sex bowing concoction hefty jars I used to eat with!

Keep My Cell phone Out of My Front Pocket – No all the more taking care of my iPhone my front pocket. Truth be told, I’ll keep my PC off my PC as well!

A Little TestRx Goes a Long Way

One more thing, dear Testosterone…

Despite my earnest attempts, I know as a man I could lose about 10% of you every decade after 30. Furthermore, I just ain’t cool with that. I need my erections back, alongside more noteworthy sex drive and more muscle. I’ll live by these great testosterone propensities, yet I’m additionally going to do one more thing – I’m going to put a little TestRX common testosterone promoter in my life, and feel like the man you need me to be.

See, I’ve caught wind of hormone substitution treatment and the dangers connected to it. I additionally realize scientists don’t know whether it’s protected to utilize long haul, and the thunderings of medical issues have me a little on edge.

So I’m going to support testosterone normally, care of TestRX, and get you back with characteristic fixings like Tongkat Ali. Consolidate TestRX with these great testosterone propensities and I have an inclination we’ll both get our furrow back!

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