3 Ways to Be a Healthy Eater

Healthy Eater

Be a Healthy Eater

Are you confused by all the claims you see and hear about that have to do with healthy eating? One of the trends is to hear about that “miracle” food that will make you lose 10 pounds in a week.

Usually some type of food that comes from far off Pago Pago that no one has ever heard of and absolutely no research has been completed by a reputable institution.

1. Educated and Smart Eater

To be a healthy eater one must be both educated and smart about the subject. Let’s forget how to calculate the grams of fat in our food. How about taking a look at the big picture by just reading the label on the packaging of the foods we eat.

We must realize that our body requires nutrients from more than one food group to stay at optimum operating level.

2. An Aware Eater

To be a healthy eater we must make ourselves aware of how we feel when we eat. Eating too much food will make us feel over-stuffed; eating too little will leave us with uncomfortable hunger pangs.

Our body is the best gauge of how we are doing in the eating department. Our habits have robbed our feelings of being aware of how we are doing.

Experience should tell us if we are eating properly, and consuming the right foods. If we eat and an hour later we have hunger pangs again, where did we go wrong? Analyze and question your actions of eating in a purely conscious way.

3. A Controlled Eater

In taking care of ourselves we must take control of our eating. To do this we must eat with sound judgment and make wise decisions as to how we fuel our body and the effect the food will have on our body.

Being out of control eaters means we make bad decisions, eat too much and eat the wrong type of foods.

One should never restrict food in an uncontrolled way. Healthy eating enhances your body and your lifestyle.

Fueling the body with the right kind of foods is good for you and the people around you, but always remember the educated eater, the aware eater and the controlled eater will have the best chance of an optimum healthy body.


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